Skeptics in the Pub Online – now fortnightly

Dear SitPO viewers,

Back in April 2020 a bunch of Skeptics in the Pub organisers got together to create Skeptics in the Pub Online, and for the last 15 months we have been working hard to bring you interesting talks from a variety of experts.

So far, except for a short break over Christmas we have been able to put on weekly talks followed by a Zoom call in our virtual pub The Lock-Inn’s Razor.

Due in part to the summer sun, pubs re-opening, and the steady progress towards normality we have decided to to reduce the frequency of our talks to every other week, starting on the 22nd July (there is no talk scheduled for the 15th).

We will still be opening The Lock-Inn’s Razor every week. It’ll open after the talks and at 7pm on non-talk weeks. So it will be open on the 15th. And you can still talk to your Fellow Skeptics throughout the week on our Discord channel.

Thank you all for your support over the last 15 months and we hope you continue to attend talks and visit us in the Lock-Inn’s Razor.

Best wishes
The SitPO team