Previous Talks

22 May 24Prof Chris FrenchThe Science of Weird Shit
25 Apr 24Dr Erica McAlisterDo we need flies?
27 Mar 24Prof Michael KellyAre French and English secularist traditions so far apart?
28 Feb 24Brian KlaasFluke
24 Jan 24Prof Christopher MulveyThe English Language in the County of London: From the East Saxons to the EastEnders
13 Dec 23Prof Lesley CarrAll A.I. want for Christmas is You
22 Nov 23Dr Ana AznarSmacking children: What does research really say?
25 Oct 23Robert LlewellynFully Charged
27 Sep 23Prof Chris FrenchThe Psychology of Ghosts and Hauntings
23 Aug 23Murray PurvesPredicting the Unpredictable
26 Jul 23Prof Leslie CarrChatting About ChatGPT
28 Jun 23Stevyn ColganDo we need a new witchcraft?
24 May 23Dr Alice HowarthWomen, Wellness and Woo
26 Apr 23Dr Dean BurnettLost and Found in the Science of Emotion
22 Mar 23Kat FordEvolutionary Perspectives On Religion
22 Feb 23Bors HulechWed 22nd Feb – Inside Extinction Rebellion – Bors Hulech
25 Jan 23Liberty MellyBritain's Missing Museum
13 Dec 22James WilliamsAlfred Russel Wallace
26 Oct 22Kevin PreciousThe Reluctant Teacher
31 Aug 22Danny ChambersWoo in vet medicine
27 Jul 22Clio BellenisWhy we can't trust our senses
29 Jun 22Richard Firth-GodbehereA Human History of Emotion
25 May 22Professor Anne Lawrence-MathersMedieval Weather Forecasting: Science, not Magic
27 Apr 22Michael BondWayfinding: The Art and Science of How we Find and Lose Our Way
30 Mar 22Dr Keith Kahn-HarrisDemolishing Babel: The Surprising Possibilities Of Not Understanding Languages
27th Feb 19Prof. Jim SmithChernobyl: Science, Myths and the Media
30th JanDr Garfield BenjaminMythinformation: AI, media and trust
12th DecMichael MarshallCircular Reasoning: The Rise of Flat Earth Belief
28th NovDr Keith Kahn-HarrisDenialism. What's the Alternative?
31st OctDeborah HydeWhen the Spirit Moves You: a History of Poltergeists
26th SepAlex J. O'ConnorThe Good Delusion
29th AugPixie TurnerWhy Diets Don't Work - and Other Myths About Food and Health
25th JulyPaul D McGarrityA Practical Guide to Attacking Castles
27th JuneDr Cerys BradleyA Unifying Theory of Gay
11th JuneAriane SherineTalk Yourself Better
30th MayDr Chris FullerSee It, Shoot it: The Secret History of the CIA’s Lethal Drone Program
25th AprProf Danny DorlingWe left the EU because of Hampshire
28th MarGareth WilliamsUnravelling the double helix
28th FebDr Surja DuttaAtheism in Indian Philosophy
20th FebDean BurnettHow does happiness work in the brain
Jan 2018Ariane Sherine**CANCELLED ** Talk Yourself Better
Dec 2018Ash PryceHow to be a Psychic Conman
Nov 2018Dave AlnwickThe Cult of Dave
Oct 2018Diana FleischmanThe evolution of human morality
Sep 2018Dr Charlotte RileyGin, bunting and bloody railways
Aug 2018Dr Joanna BagniewskaAliens among us
Jul 2018Sarah CorbettThe Art of Gentle Protest
Jun 2018Rebecca FoxHow to be Reasonable: by Someone Who Tried Everything Else
May 2018Dr Jess SpurrellFrozen Aliens and Superpowers
Apr 2018Dr Kat Arney Everything you know about genetics is wrong
Mar 2018Dr Michael BrooksThe Quantum Astrologer's Handbook
Feb 2018Dr Richard M CrowderRobots + AI = Disruption
Jan 2018Andrew CopsonSecularism: Politics, religion and freedom
Dec 2017MC by Rachel WheeleyDead talks - celebrating the ludicrous ideas of the past
Nov 2017Jonathan M.S. PearceDo we have free will?
Oct 2017Dr Mike WoodSense, nonsense, and everything in between: The psychology of conspiracy theories
Sep 2017Carmen D’CruzHow to get more people interested in science
Aug 2017Prof Chris LintottFrom Penguins to Peas: Ten years of Galaxy Zoo
Jul 2017Colin Stuart13 Journeys Through Space and Time
Jun 2017Emma OsborneExploring the Gravitational Wave Universe
May 2017Dr Becky Alexis-MartinSurvival Society: From Civil Defence to Preppers
Apr 2017Graham SmithThe Monarchy Delusion
Mar 2017Myles Power
Feb 2017Jon PearceHow Violent is Islam Really? Jonathan M.S. Pearce
Jan 2017Helen CzerskiStorm in a Teacup -?The Physics of Everyday Life
Dec 2016Deb Hyde
Nov 2016Jo Marchant
Oct 2016Barnaby ThwaitesBarnaby Thwaites & Marcel van Limbeek
Sep 2016Martin Poulter
Aug 2016Kevin Precious
Jul 2016Simon GuerrierSimon Guerrier and Dr Marek Kukula
Jun 2016Becky Alexis-Martin
May 2016Dean BurnettThe Idiot Brain - what your head is really up to
Apr 2016Andrew Bradstock
Mar 2016EU DebateEU Debate Tony Pryor and Alan Weatherall
Feb 2016Deb Hyde
Jan 2016Prof. James Crossley
Dec 2015Stevyn Colgan
Nov 2015Sarah Kendrew
Oct 2015Kevin Friery
Sep 2015Jim Dunwell
Aug 2015Chris Peters
Jul 2015Edzard Ernst
Jun 2015Elliot George
May 2015Johnjoe Mcfadden
Apr 2015Martin Graff
Mar 2015Iszi Lawrence
Feb 2015Alice Bell
Jan 2015Simon Clare
Dec 2014Mark Lewney
Nov 2014Simon SinghThe Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets
Oct 2014Lewis Dartnell
Sep 2014Aubrey de GreyRegenerative Medicine For Ageing: Can it be Comprehensive Enough?
Aug 2014Michael MarshallLifting The Lid – Ongoing Adventures in the World of Pseudoscience
Jul 2014Jonny ScaramangaInside Britain's Creationist Schools
Jun 2014Myles PowerInside the Minds of the AIDS Deniers
May 2014Will WatlingBeat The Lie Detectors
Apr 2014Suw CharmanFinding Ada Lovelace
Mar 2014Ben HardwidgeThe Vinyl Countdown
Feb 2014Alistair ColemanWhat Do We Really Know About North Korea?
Jan 2014Stevyn ColganThe Skeptical Bobby
Dec 2013
Nov 2013Robert LlewellynElectric Cars Are Rubbish. Aren't They ?
Oct 2013Deborah HydeInterview With a Vampire Expert
Sep 2013Stephen LawBelieving Bullshit. How Not to Get Sucked into an Intellectual Black Hole
Aug 2013Peter HarrisonThe Science of Lucid Dreaming
Jul 2013Oliver MeechWhen Magic and Science Collide
Jun 2013John SweeneyInside the Weird World of Scientology
May 2013Neil DennyThe Little Atoms Road Trip
Apr 2013Christmas Special
Mar 2013Alan HennessRise of the Laptop Lizards
Feb 2013Martin TaylorMore Lives Than One ?
Jan 2013Andy LewisWhat Every Parent Needs To Know About Steiner Schools
Dec 2012VariousChristmas Bumper Fun Pack !
Nov 2012Helen CzerskiBubbles: The Bath and Beyond
Oct 2012Nick CohenYou Can’t Read This Book
Sep 2012Simon FrantzNobel Prizes: A century of genius, myths and controversies
Aug 2012Alom ShahaThe Young Atheist’s Handbook
Jul 2012Prof. David NuttDrugs – Without the Hot Air: Minimizing the Harms of Legal and Illegal Drugs
Jun 2012Mark HendersonThe Geek Manifesto, Why Science Matters
May 2012Martin RobbinsBad Science in The Developing World, trailing the homeopaths of East Africa
Apr 2012David Allen GreenThinking Skeptically About Law and Policy
Mar 2012Deborah HydeThe Natural History of the European Werewolf
Feb 2012Professor Sophie ScottFaulty Memories
Jan 2012Simon SinghAlan Turing and the Cracking of the Enigma Code
Dec 2011VariousHampshire Skeptics Society Skeptics in the Planetarium
Nov 2011Paolo ViscardiMonsters, Myth and Misinformation
Oct 2011Dr. Lewis DartnellLife ! Don’t Talk to me About Life !
Sep 2011Chris Lintottco-presenter of The Sky At Night
Aug 2011Alice SheppardWhen the Universe Came to the People; Citizen Science for Skeptics
Jul 2011Dean BurnettComedy and Skepticism
Jun 2011Jon RonsonThe Psychopath Test
May 2011Mark StevensonAn Optimist’s Tour of the Future
Apr 2011Adam RutherfordThe Gene Code
Mar 2011Les RoseLes Rose
Feb 2011Mat ParkerMat Parker the Stand-up Mathematician
Jan 2011Andrew CopsonAndrew Copson, Chief Executive of the British Humanist Association
Dec 2010James O'MalleyThe Pod Delusion Live ! and Winchester SitP Christmas Party !
Nov 2010David Allen Greenaka. Jack of Kent
Oct 2010Frank SwainScience Punk
Sep 2010Professor Chris FrenchParanormal experiences
Aug 2010Professor David Colquhounpseudoscience and scientific fraud
Jul 2010Andy Lewisquackery
Jun 2010Dr. Andy Russellclimate change
May 2010Simon PerryCampaigning against nonsense
Apr 2010Martin RobbinsPanel group
Mar 2010Deborah HydeUnnatural Predators
Feb 2010Richard WilsonDon’t get fooled again
Jan 2010Simon SinghLibel Reform