26th July – Prof Leslie Carr – Chatting About ChatGPT: My Life in AI

The rise of AI is a complicated story about advanced research, emerging data oligopolies like Facebook and Google, and big tech venture capitalism. Until recently, the only people who used AI were boffins in University computer laboratories or characters in Hollywood films.

But AI is suddenly affecting everyone with a smartphone and a job. Recent advances in NLP (Natural Language Processing) have led to products like ChatGPT being able to write in a way that is indistinguishable from professional journalists, consultants and researchers.

In this talk, Leslie will explain how AI works, what makes it different from normal computing, and whether AIs are really going to steal your job. Also find out how he became an AI professor because of a misunderstanding over Star Trek when he was five years old.

Brief Bio

Professor Leslie Carr is the Head of the Web and Internet Science research group and a Director of the Web Science Institute at the University of Southampton. He started stand-up comedy in 2017 and is a confessional storytelling comedian with a warm and engaging stage presence, performing standup regularly in London and at comedy venues around the South Coast. In 2022 he wrote and performed a show with his daughter, about their family colliding with technology and asking the question “is it easier to teach computers or teenagers to act like humans?”

Standard Stuff

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