Distancing? Skeptics in the pub — On Line!

With COVID-19 distancing here and in place for the forseeable future, there won’t be any meetings at any venue for a while yet.

So, welcome to Skeptics In the Pub – Online!

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Along with other SitP organizations in the UK we’ll be hoping to livestream talks until the current situation changes.

To watch, you can go to the Twitch site here.
It will be live every Thursday at 7:00 pm, the first being Thursday, 9th April.

You don’t need a Twitch account to simply watch it, unless you wish to contribute to questions at the Q&A.

The next online event will be Jim Al-Khalili: The World According to Physics on Thursday 9th April at – with help from our friends at other SITP groups including Portsmouth, Manchester, Merseyside and Glasgow.

**UPDATE ** cancelled due to resourcing issues ** – The following event, Thursday 16th April, will be Sophie Scott – Getting Brain Sex Wrong