Next SitP

For the next Skeptics meeting on the 27th of March we have Ben Hardwidge: The Vinyl Countdown all about hi-fi woo #WinSitP

Next SotRT Social

The next Round Table is on the 9th of April. See you at The Black Boy for some good food and great conversation. #WinSotRT

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At the end of the first Round Table …

Well …. that was lovely.

Just got home from the first ever Winchester Skeptics of the Round Table, our new regular social meet up. Twelve beautiful, witty and irresistibly attractive skeptics (at least that is how I remember them) quaffed some delicious pints, sipped some wine and discussed various important subjects like:

personal paths [...]

Announcing Skeptics of the Round Table

So, we all enjoy the monthly meetings: listening to interesting speakers, having a little chat with like-minded people – but the evenings are always over so quickly …

Well, we can help with that. Going back to our roots (or should I say returning to the pub) it is my honour and pleasure to [...]