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For May 25th we have Becky Alexis-Martin on the American Survivalist Movement and the amazing woo therein. #WinSitP

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See you on the 10th of May at The Bishop on the Bridge in Winchester for some good food and great conversation. #WinSotRT

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Winchester Science Festival is Almost Here!

Once again it’s nearly time for the amazing Winchester Science Festival. This year you can see more of the wonder of science with fire and explosions and music and comedy and really wild things. On Saturday you can even see the physicist who discovered pulsars, the wonderful Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell giving a lecture entitled […]

Winchester Science Festival is back ! 20-22 July @WinSciFest

Dr Michael Mosley : The Fast Diet – Winchester #SitP 02MAY13 @DrMichaelMosley

The Fast Diet

Save The Royal Institution

The most appalling thing is happening : The Royal Institution building is going to be sold. It has reportedly been put onto the market to fund the debts created by former director Baroness Greenfield when she decided to spend £22M on a cafe and wine bar on the premises. These, along with event spaces, were […]

Thanks For A Great Night ! #SitP @simondwatt @magicmeech @amateursuman @moulds @helenarney @winchesterdc

Wow ! What a fantastic night. So much comedy, fun, fire, music and magic. I for one was aching from laughing so much. For all of you that missed out on this once in a lifetime experience I have some photos below. You can mouseover for the comments. On behalf of the whole of the […]

Culham Fusion Reactor Trip – @fusionenergy @ReadingSITP

Well, last Wednesday was a particular highlight of my transient existence thus far. What was this amazing highlight ? It was a trip to the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy organised by those most splendid peeps of Reading Skeptics. Some time ago Mike posted a message on Twitter saying there was one last place on […]

Stunning 360 degree Panorama of Curiosity on Mars

You have got to check this out in full screen mode. It’s jaw-dropping.

Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 2 in New Mexico



Hello everyone!

Just thought you might want to know about this on Sept 15th;

And it’s all free although you have to book your tickets 🙂

SURREY SCIENCE CIRCUS 2012 The Surrey Science Circus …

…Strikes Back for our Fifth Year!

Light sabres on standby for Saturday 15th September

10.30 – 16.00 at University […]

Curiosity is down and safe on the surface of Mars !

And what an a amazing journey it was. But there is so much, sooooo much more to come.

Up at the crack of sparrows this morning and straight onto the NASA feed so I could watch everything as it happened. There was even a graphic simulation of events as they unfolded to us back […]

Tenterhooks !

Can’t wait for the landing. I’ll be up watching whatever feeds I can get my internet connection onto. We’ve got a fairly poor record of landing stuff on Mars so this is going to be a bit nerve-wracking. MSL could tell us so much about the possibility of life on Mars. It’s going to be […]