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For May 25th we have Becky Alexis-Martin on the American Survivalist Movement and the amazing woo therein. #WinSitP

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See you on the 10th of May at The Bishop on the Bridge in Winchester for some good food and great conversation. #WinSotRT

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The Discovery Institute On The Rack

Had to post this.

This is an extract of an open letter to the Stephen Meyer of the “Discovery Institute”, that hotbed of creationist double-non-think, from reformed Christian Steve Matheson who is an Associate Professor of Biology at Calvin College, Michigan, USA.

It had me laughing out loud at his rapier-like wit. It’s fantastic stuff […]

25 Blasphemous Quotes

To celebrate the descent of The Republic of Ireland back into the howling madness of prehistory we present to you the most excellent 25 blasphemous quotes compiled by the organisation Atheist Ireland following the introduction of a new blasphemy law applicable in the RI which outlaws “publishing or uttering matter that is grossly abusive or […]

Had to post this : The Catholics Get Another Shoeing

I don’t know who Nell McCafferty is but she certainly has her head screwed on properly.

Bravo Ma’am !

I wonder if they will ever come to their senses and actually become that which their “saviour” wanted : men of humility.

Real humility instead of the self-aggrandising sort that seems to come with […]

The Woo Fountain Moves On

I almost can’t believe this :

“The Oprah Winfrey Show is to close in 2011 after more than two decades on air…”

In between the words ‘decades’ and ‘on’ they forgot to add the sentence “of peddling the most outrageous, dangerous, stupid and costly woo-woo”. Must have been a copy&paste error.

Oh […]

Bonkers Bishops Fight Against Reality (again)

I don’t suppose there’s any hope for these people when they seem so hell-bent on denying the reality that slaps the people of Africa in the face every day. What is that reality ? That reality is AIDS and the thousands of people it kills and infects every year in the third world. The millions […]