Next Meetings (Thursdays)

31st January – Ariane Sherine – Talk yourself better

28th February – Dr Surja Dutta – Nāstika: Atheism in Indian Philosophy

Next Social Event

Wednesday February 13th

Skeptics of the Round Table at the Bishop on the Bridge in Winchester from 7pm, for some informal Skeptical chat, food, drinks

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Skeptics of the Round Table

Skeptics of the Round Table is The Hampshire Skeptics Society’s social meet-up. In contrast to the Skeptics in the Pub meetings there are no speakers and the main purpose of our meetings is to enable free and unrestricted conversations between like-minded people brought together by the ideal of promoting a skeptical and scientific view of the world we live in.
You can find us in the pub by either asking at the bar or looking for our signs which look like the pic on the left.
We want to build a community for skeptics in Hampshire and want to encourage people of all ages to join us for a drink and some stimulating conversation.

Skeptics of the Round Table take place on the second Wednesday of every month from 7:00 pm onwards
Watch out for the hashtag #WinSotRT on Twitter for future updates.
We are very much looking forward to meeting you there !

We meet at a variety of pubs in and around Winchester, including the Bishop on the Bridge, the Overdraft and The Westgate and the Roebuck.

Details about how to find the Roebuck are here.

Details for the Westgate are here.

Details for the Bishop on the Bridge are here.

Details for The Overdraft are here.

** Our next meeting (Wednesday 9th January) is to be at the Bishop on the Bridge in Winchester  and will include our AGM **

(Upcoming date and location of the next meeting is always shown on the Left Hand Side of this screen.)