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For March 31st we have a slightly different format: An EU Debate. This one will be fun. Come along and see if they can change your mind. #WinSitP

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The next Round Table is on the 9th of March. See you at The Bishop on the Bridge in Winchester for some good food and great conversation. #WinSotRT

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Testing, testing, 123, testing

Test test test test test.
Test test test test test test test.
Test test test test test.

Is This Thing On?

Don’t tell me Dave has managed to get this thing working after such a very looooooooonnnnng time.
Well this is a test to see if it is working.
And if this test has a successful outcome there shall be much rejoicing.
If not, then the wailing and gnashing of teeth will continue for a while to come.

Here we go …

Aubrey de Grey: Regenerative Medicine For Ageing – Can it be Comprehensive Enough? 25SEP14 at Winchester @SitP @AubreydeGrey

Michael Marshall: Lifting the Lid – Ongoing Adventures in Pseudoscience 28AUG14 at Winchester @SitP @MrMMarsh

Help Jonny Scaramanga

If you saw PHD student Jonny Scaramanga (don’t let the name or the  haircut put you off) at Hampshire Skeptics last night you’ll know all  about his research into Accelerated Christian Education (ACE)  Schools in the UK.  If you didn’t you can catch up here and here.

His efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by the CEE organisation and they  are out to prevent him from getting his message out: See here.  Jonny’s  only stated aim is to write about ACE from an academic  point of view quoting sources and being open and honest as possible.

Jonny’s PHD and tireless efforts have been mostly self funded including the purchase of the ACE course material which would  otherwise be hidden from review.

If you feel you can help Jonny in his work then please give generously via the Donate button on the Leaving Fundamentalism Page.

Winchester Science Festival Day 2 taster – More Awesomeness. @WinSciFest #wsf14

Day 2 of the Winchester Science Festival got off to a roaring start with Photo Science, Animal Superpowers, Hexapod Robot Overlords and rocket engines !

The awesome continues !
See you there tomorrow for Sunday’s fabulous finale.

Winchester Science Festival Day 1 – A Taster. More to come. @WinSciFest #wsf14

A brilliant first day at Winchester Science Festival.
Everything from blow-up dinosaurs through blow-up planetariums to 3D printers and exploding beards!
If you didn’t go, here are a couple of pics as a taster for what you missed out on.

Awesome !
See you there tomorrow.

Jonny Scaramanga: Inside Britain’s Creationist Schools 31JUL14 at Winchester @SitP @JonnyScaramanga

Winchester Science Festival is Almost Here!

Once again it’s nearly time for the amazing Winchester Science Festival.
This year you can see more of the wonder of science with fire and explosions and music and comedy and really wild things. On Saturday you can even see the physicist who discovered pulsars, the wonderful Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell giving a lecture entitled We Are All Star Dust and then being interviewed live right in front of you!
There will be talks including fire and explosions, mutants, nuclear reactors, photography, genetics, aviation, extreme environments, plumbers(!), brains and sex!
Not to mention three evenings of fantastic entertainment.
Get your tickets here: Winchester Science Festival Tickets

Myles Power: Inside the Minds of the AIDS Deniers 26JUN14 at Winchester @SitP @PowerM1985