Next SitP

For March 31st we have a slightly different format: An EU Debate. This one will be fun. Come along and see if they can change your mind. #WinSitP

Next Social Event

The next Round Table is on the 9th of March. See you at The Bishop on the Bridge in Winchester for some good food and great conversation. #WinSotRT

SitP Photos

TAM London 2010 photos

Unofficial TAM Delegate Meet-Up

It was suggested (er…by me) on that it would be really cool to meet up with any skeptics travelling to TAM London before official registration on Saturday so that we can say ‘hi’ and welcome you all to London. I do not know how many of you are going to see Ghost Stories on […]

TAM London

Got my tickets for TAM London less than 20 mins ago.

And Crispian you’re sorted mate, got yours too.

So if you haven’t booked yet then get on the site and get yourself some tickets to the most highly anticipated, enjoyable, awesome and desirable skepticfest/nerdfest/geekstock there’s ever going to be in the UK.

DO […]

TAM London Review part 3 - Day 2

Ah here we are. Getting up far too early to wend my weary way into central London to see some more skeptical folk and spread the words of science, reason and critical thinking. Excellent. It all started out well in that I got on the right train but it went down hill pretty fast when […]

TAM London Review part 2

Part two starts off with the evening session after the conclusion of day 1 of TAM London. An up-slap meal of proper bangers and mash was part of the ticket price and it went down a treat. After some more inter- and post-prandial chin wagging with some of the great skeptical folk I met it […]

TAM London Review (belated)

Okay okay, I know it was at the other end of the month but hey, I’ve been busy ! Anyway, at long last here’s a brief review of TAM London where I got to ask James Randi the question which led directly to this site being created. Lots of pics included and some other […]