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Who wants to live forever? Well, me, for a start. Find out how it may be possible to live longer with Aubrey de Grey on the 25th of September #WinSitP

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The next Round Table is on the 10th of September. See you at The Black Boy for some good food and great conversation. #WinSotRT

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Woo of the Week

Woo at work – Holistic Therapies

Do you have any woo at your place of work ?

Well last week was an interesting one at work for a number of reasons but the most intriguing thing came from our HR department. They publish a quarterly newsletter with all sorts of company goings on therein and […]

Ensure highest and best outcomes by sending magic energy

Hi there, thought it was about time I contributed something, and I just had to write about this brilliant blog post (brought to my attention by @JackofKent and @Blue_Wode, claiming that events like court proceedings can be influenced by sending Reiki energy “to the situation”, to obtain the “highest and best” outcome.

Putting aside the […]