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For the next Skeptics meeting on the 27th of March we have Ben Hardwidge: The Vinyl Countdown all about hi-fi woo #WinSitP

Next SotRT Social

The next Round Table is on the 9th of April. See you at The Black Boy for some good food and great conversation. #WinSotRT

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Stephen Law: Believing Bullshit. How Not to Get Sucked into an Intellectual Black Hole at Winchester @SitP 26SEP13 @stephenlaw60


Saturday 31st 10:30am in the IT room @ Winchester Discovery Centre

SkepTeaCafe Flyer

Peter Harrison: The Science of Lucid Dreaming. Winchester @SitP 29AUG13 @Harrison_Peter

Fantastic Geeky Day in Bristol August 24th

Take a look at this! Tie in with The Ancestor’s Trail

Richard Dawkins ‘Give the under surface to Mr Wallace, but yield the upper surface to Mr Darwin’.

Peter Raby ‘Wallace the Nomad’.

Jon Copley ‘No longer in the dark: exploring islands of life on the ocean floor’

Mark Thomas ‘The Evolutionary History of Homo sapiens’.

Plus Andrew Copson, Johnny Berliner and  Theatr na nÓg

Details and tickets


The first SkepTeaCafe meeting is at the Winchester Discovery Centre tomorrow morning! Coffee and Chat with fellow Skeptics on any subject you care to raise. 10:30 in the IT room.
See you there !

Oliver Meech: When Magic and Science Collide. Winchester @SitP 25JUL13 @magicmeech

Winchester Science Festival is back ! 20-22 July @WinSciFest

BBC The Big Questions with Kevin Friery @Therapeutic1

Well this is something great, Kev was asked on to another episode of BBC’s The Big Questions.
This time the questions were somewhat more controversial. Questions such as “Should Ian Brady be allowed to starve himself to death ?” Mr Brady is attempting to get himself declared sane so he can be transferred to a normal prison and then be left to effectively commit suicide by starvation without medical intervention. Another matter in Newham one of the poorest and most deprived areas in the country has an amazing 83 betting shops raised the question “Does the law need to be tougher on gambling ?”. And finally as Pederast Facilitator in Chief, Pope Francis calls for unity of belief and warns of the dangers [ha!] of deciding what to believe for yourself we have the question “Is it right to pick & mix religion ?”
Kev gets stuck into all of these questions and the discussions prove very interesting. I’ll leave you to decide about the person who thinks that absolutely no one should be able to choose the time and the manner of their death.

If you want to watch the programme on the iPlayer you can click this : BBC The Big Questions, Series 6, Episode 22 Or watch it below.

BBC The Big Questions with Kevin Friery 23JUN13

John Sweeney: Inside The Weird World of #Scientology – Winchester @SitP 27JUN13 @johnsweeneyroar

Neil Denny: The Little Atoms Road Trip – Winchester #SitP 30MAY13 @littleatoms