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Thursday, 25th January

Hampshire Skeptics: Andrew Copson: Secularism:politics, religion, and freedom

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Wednesday January 10th

Skeptics of the Round Table at the Overdraft in Winchester from 7pm, for some informal Skeptical chat, food, drinks

(The Overdraft is at 5 Jewry Street)

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Thursday 31st August – Prof Chris Lintott: “From Penguins to Peas: Ten years of Galaxy Zoo”

Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry St. 7 for 7.30pm

Chris Lintott is a Professor of Astrophysics in the Department of Physics at Oxford University. He is involved in a number of popular science projects aimed at bringing astronomy to a wider audience. He is probably best known as the main presenter of the BBC series, The Sky At Night.

Zooniverse is a citizen science web portal, home to some of the internet’s largest, most popular and most successful citizen science projects. The organization started out as the Galaxy Zoo project and now hosts a wide range of projects which allow members of the public to volunteer and participate actively in scientific research. Zooniverse has it headquarters at Oxford University and the Adler Planetarium.

Since evolving out of the Galaxy Zoo, Zooniverse projects have covered astronomy, ecology, cell biology, humanities, and climate science.

Join us on the 31st August to see “From Penguins to Peas: Ten years of Galaxy Zoo”, where Chris Lintott will be talking about the interesting and weird things that citizen scientists using the Zooniverse have found.


Thursday 25th May – Dr Becky Alexis-Martin “Survival Society: From Civil Defence to Preppers”

Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry St. 7 for 7.30pm

“Parallels and distinctions are not often drawn between the experiences of emergency planning professionals and of apocalyptic survivalists, or “preppers”. Here, we explore how these two communities are ruefully linked, bound together by a commonality of preparedness and the architecture of the military industrial complex. Within popular culture, survivalists are often depicted as gun-toting bunker dwellers, taking disaster management into their own hands due to a distrust in the capacity of state to provide adequate protection. The survivalist trope has persisted, despite changes within both popular culture and prepper culture since the Cold War. So, at what point in time did the community resilience “Protect and Survive” and the rogue ferality of survivalism diverge? How did these changes in attitude reflect the influence of governance upon the individual in space and time? And who will win the battle of the bunker, in a new era of neoliberalism and individualistic catastrophism?


Dr Becky-Alexis Martin explores real and imaginary nuclear cultures from the nuclear veterans, to the atomic Anthropocene and apocalyptic futures. She is a Senior Research Fellow in Social and Human Sciences, and the Principal Investigator of Nuclear Families. She is often found in nuclear bunkers and atomic places and spaces, and you can tweet her at @MysteriousDrBex”


Question, Explore, Discover.

QED is a two-day science and skepticism convention taking place at the Mercure Piccadilly Hotel in Manchester from the 14th-15th October 2017

Fantastic speakers from the worlds of science and entertainment will be joining us for a weekend celebration of science, reason and critical thinking.

Latest Update

Tickets for QED 2017 are now on sale, priced £109 or £75 for students and under-18s. Buy yours now

About North West Skeptical Events

QED is organised by North West Skeptical Events Ltd, a volunteer-owned, non-profit organisation. Each year we aim for QED to break even, spending all funds raised by ticket sales on creating the best event possible. Any surplus is reinvested in future events or donated to good causes.


Thursday 29th June – Emma Osborne – “Exploring the gravitational wave universe”

Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry St. 7 for 7.30pm

On 14th September 2015, gravitational waves were detected for the first time as two black holes, millions of light years away, crashed into one other. In this talk, Emma will take you on a whirlwind tour of gravitational waves from Einstein’s general theory of relativity to the gravitational wave observatory LIGO’s groundbreaking detection. She will be looking at the surprises this cataclysmic event unveiled. From the unanticipated discoveries made at the time of the detection, to how the black hole event horizon may cause gravitational waves to echo, and how space never forgets with gravitational wave memory.

Emma Osborne is a theoretical astrophysicist at the University of Southampton, researching gravitational wave emission from neutron stars. She has recently launched her YouTube channel ‘The Extraordinary Universe’ where she explains concepts from Einstein’s relativity theory in short bitesize videos. Emma has a passion for science and sharing her knowledge with non-specialists audiences.

Twitter: @emmanigma
In the meantime, have a look at Emma’s Youtube Channel

Thursday 27th July – Colin Stuart – “13 Journeys Through Space and Time”

Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry St. 7 for 7.30pm

Tim Peake’s recent visit to the International Space Station has placed a fresh spotlight on the latest developments in space exploration. But space travel is still a pretty new area of human endeavour and our ideas about what and who might be out there have constantly shifted over the years. One place this is particularly apparent is in the famous Christmas Lectures held by the Royal Institution each year.

Last year Colin was lucky enough to rummage around in their archives and write a book about 13 of the lectures devoted to space and time. The first was delivered way back in 1881. The last was the 2015 lectures featuring a message from Tim from orbit. And how our ideas have changed. In this talk Colin will be sharing some of the stories from the lectures, along with some of his favourite anecdotes about digging through the archives including finding Carl Sagan’s immigration form and Dewar’s radioactive notebooks.

Strap in for more than 100 years of astronomical discovery.

This event is also part of Winchester Science Festival 2017



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