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Thu 30th May – Dr Chris Fuller – See It/Shoot It: The Secret History of the CIA’s Lethal Drone Program

Tue 11th June – Ariane Sherine – Talk yourself better

Thu 27th June – Cerys Bradley – A unifying theory of gay

Next Social Event

Wednesday June 12th

Skeptics of the Round Table at Bishop on the Bridge in Winchester from 7pm, for some informal Skeptical chat, food, drinks

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Dave Hughes

Hi. I’m Dave Hughes. I’m a drummer, photographer, electronics engineer, physics nut, active skeptic and all ’round Übergeek. Although the active part there is a bit thin seeing as I’ve only just started this website.

I’ll add more to this page as my ego sees fit. 😉

Why did you start the site Dave ?

Good question *nods to member of (vast) audience*. I started the website after attending the first The Amaz!ng Meeting London skeptical conference held at the beginning of October ’09. James Randi was slated to appear but due to ill health he unfortunately could not attend. The excellent organisers had arranged a Skype video session with Randi so he could speak and hopefully answer some audience questions. I was lucky enough to be picked out of the capacity crowd to ask a question. The organisers had obviously used their psychic powers to divine the insightful nature of my question and decided it was of sufficient merit to be put to Randi himself. I am certain that the jumping up and down while madly waving my arms had absolutely nothing to do with it.

I asked Randi what advice would he offer to an inexperienced person about starting a new skeptical group. He suggested that I scour the internet for inspiration and skeptical groups near my location and I have a video of his answer that I’ll post when I can. I took Randi’s advice and spent several evenings looking for groups close to me.

Basingstoke skeptics ? Nope. Reading Skeptics ? Nope. Winchester skeptics ? Nope. Southampton, Guildford, Andover, Petersfield or Newbury skeptics ? No, no, no, no and no. I appear to live in a skeptical vacuum.

There are groups in Oxford, Bristol and London but nothing in the middle of the South. I’d love to go to Skeptics In The Pub at the Penderel’s Oak pub in Westminster but getting into the centre of London for the seven o’clock start is nigh-on impossible after leaving work. Car, train, tube, bus … I’d be lucky to get there before nine pm never mind seven. And as for the return journey. No it was out of the question.

So like any job you want doing : Do it yourself.

And so here we are.

Hampshire Skeptics Society

Hampshire Skeptics Society