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10:23 How Much Do You Really Know About Homeopathy ?

Many people believe homeopathy is “herbal medicine” or simply “all-natural remedies”. Few people realise homeopathy has been proven not to work; even fewer know it involves substances so dilute that there’s nothing left in them. Homeopathy takes advantage of this uncertainty to sit alongside real, proven medicines on the shelves of our major pharmacies.

Homeopathy is based on 3 rules invented over 200 years ago – that something which causes your symptoms will cure your symptoms (the homeopathic cure for insomnia is caffeine), that diluting a substance makes it stronger (there’s almost no chance of finding a molecule of ‘active’ ingredient in a billion standard homeopathic pills), and that water has memory (in order to make the medicine ‘work’ without anything in it).

None of these rules have been proven to be true. Whenever homeopathy has been tested properly, it has failed. The homeopathy industry is worth over £40million in the UK, despite no evidence that homeopathic pills and droplets work.

The 10:23 campaign is aimed at raising awareness of homeopathy and its unscientific basis.

If you’d like to find out more, visit:

Homeopathy – There’s nothing in it.

Download and distribute the 10:23 leaflet here.

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