Next Meetings (Thursdays)

22nd Feb - Robotics

Dr Crowder will discuss the social, ethical and technical challenges of current work in robotics.

29th March - Dr Michael Brooks

Dr Brooks will tell the forgotten story of the inventor of probability theory, the gambler and astrologer Jerome Cardano, tracing his life all the way to the frontiers of modern physics.

26th April - Dr Kat Arney: Everything You Know About Genetics is Wrong

Next Social Event

Wednesday March 14th

Skeptics of the Round Table at Bishop on the Bridge in Winchester from 7pm, for some informal Skeptical chat, food, drinks

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Thursday, 14th December – Dead Talks – celebrating ludicrous ideas of the past

Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry St. 7.00 for 7.30pm

An evening celebrating the laughable and ludicrous ideas of the past.

Join us as we explore the notions that have fallen by the wayside of science, history and fringe thought. Because one day, your ideas may be there too.

Expanding Earth
Theory Logicism
The Planet Vulcan
The Four Humours
Is More Better?

And more …

Speakers from Southampton Bright Club and Winchester Skeptics, led by comedian and producer Rachel Wheeley.

from Science Showoff Talent Factory

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