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Who wants to live forever? Well, me, for a start. Find out how it may be possible to live longer with Aubrey de Grey on the 25th of September #WinSitP

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The next Round Table is on the 10th of September. See you at The Black Boy for some good food and great conversation. #WinSotRT

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Dr Michael Mosley : The Fast Diet – Winchester #SitP 02MAY13 @DrMichaelMosley

The Fast Diet

2 comments to Dr Michael Mosley : The Fast Diet – Winchester #SitP 02MAY13 @DrMichaelMosley

  • Never been to anything like this before but hoping to convince hubby to drive us up to Hampshire for the evening! How long is the meeting or what time does it finish please? I’ve been following The Fast Diet since “Eat, Fast Live Longer” aired in August and have become evangelical about it. This way of eating has changed my life, I can’t thank Dr Mosley enough and it would be great to see this talk!

  • We normally start at 7:30pm and our speaker presents for about 45 mins to an hour after which we have a break for drinks etc… Then we have a Q&A session with our speaker which, depending upon how interesting and exciting it’s all getting, usually finishes up at about 9:30pm or so but can go on for longer.

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