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BBC The Big Questions with Kevin Friery

This morning the BBC had their usual The Big Questions programme on the TV. What was unusual about this particular episode was that one of our members, Kevin Friery, was there to answer questions on matters such as “Should there be a duty to expose wrongdoing ?”, “Do all churches deserve charitable status ?” and “Does hell exist ?”

Kev did a fantastic job in responding to these questions and getting across some of the things that I know annoy a great many of us such as undeserved privilege for religious groups in the form of tax breaks. Well done that man.
And thanks to the BBC for getting in touch with us about these important matters.

If you want to watch the programme on the iPlayer you can click this : BBC The Big Questions, Series 6, Episode 8 from Southampton Or watch it below.

BBC The Big Questions with Kevin Friery

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