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Who wants to live forever? Well, me, for a start. Find out how it may be possible to live longer with Aubrey de Grey on the 25th of September #WinSitP

Next SotRT Social

The next Round Table is on the 10th of September. See you at The Black Boy for some good food and great conversation. #WinSotRT

SitP Photos

Bubbles – The Bath and Beyond with @HelenCzerski Winchester #SitP 29NOV12

4 comments to Bubbles – The Bath and Beyond with @HelenCzerski Winchester #SitP 29NOV12

  • Ross

    Hi there, I’d love to go along to this talk…do I need a ticket?? Also would love to know how to join the group as a whole too.

  • David H.

    Hi Ross,

    I’m not part of the organisation itself but am becoming a regular attendee – you get your ticket and pay your three pounds on the way in to the talk, no advance ticket is needed.

    See you there in a couple of days!

  • That’s it, just come along and join the fun. Meetings are open to all.

    See you there.

  • Ross

    Thanks David and Dave…hopefully see you there!

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