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Woo of the Week – The Fanny Magnet

OK, OK, apologies for the title. But you didn’t seriously expect me to use the utterly patronising and ridiculous actual title of the product did you ?
It’s actually called the LadyCare Menopause. Now I reckon there should be a noun after that which would give the game away but who am I to argue with the gurus of woo marketing. I’m getting ahead of myself here.
You can see from the picture (more below the fold) that this is a special device that aims to help women of a certain maturity overcome some of the stresses and symptoms of a busy modern life *ahem*.

It’s clearly been approved for use and is “efficacious” because it has been certified as a “Class 1 Medical Device” and even has a CE mark. Oh yes, definitely kosher then.

Now if you’re anything like me you’ll not know what a Class 1 Medical Device actually is without actually googling for the term. After literally 0.19 seconds searching I found 80,080,000 results with the top one being from the font of all human knowledge : Wikipedia. This hallowed tome and subsequent links said that, amongst other things, a class 1 medical device is something that does not necessarily measure a function, is not invasive, does not need to be sterilised and does not need instructions for use provided it is safe.
I note that items such as Tubigrip and gloves are also in this category. So it’s about as difficult to use and requires as much medical supervision as putting on a hat. Splendid.

Back to the plot. You can read the description of symptoms that this device is supposed to be able to help with. Amongst them are fatigue, mood swings and sleeplessness. There’s also a claim that this squashy purple thing will give you “increased energy”. Hmmmm, does it have a battery I wonder ? *examines packaging* Nope. And anyway I’m in the wrong sort of emporium for battery operated lady devices πŸ˜‰
You will of course have seen that these symptoms are all self-limiting and will go away in a few days by themselves or with a bit of help from quality rest and some TLC.
On the face of it this device appears to me to be a wonderful and colourful carnival of woo. Harmless woo methinks, but one can never tell.
So with that in mind I have a proposition for you.
I have acquired one of these miraculous devices from Boots, those esteemed purveyors of mass-produced woo. And I also would like to acquire a guinea-pig.
I reckon a week long trial would be fun.
So who’d like to put a purple jelly magnet into their knickers for a fun week to test this thing out ?
Blokes need not apply for obvious (?) reasons.

More pics below the fold.


12 comments to Woo of the Week – The Fanny Magnet

  • Have you seen Simon Perry’s campaign on this?

    What to do about Boots.

  • Certainly have. I’m signed up to do my bit on the 2nd of April. This one was a heads-up before I posted about the main campaign.
    Thanks Al.
    And of course if you have any further advice or tips then please let us know.
    I for one am new to the complaining malarkey.

  • Linda

    Hmm … well, I’m at the right stage of life but am rather worried that my intermittent symptoms would refuse to “play ball” during the test week πŸ™

  • Linda Dewhurst

    Actually, with the exception of hot flushes and vaginal dryness, is there any reason why it wouldn’t work for a man? (Apart from the obvious reason, obviously).
    Perhaps we could have a male volunteer as well πŸ˜‰

  • @Skepticat_UK
    Thanks lass. You’re hired. πŸ™‚
    I’ll email you some info.

  • I can tell you without a doubt that this product does not do what it says on the tin! It did not change my life. I would, however, like to correct your statement that these symptoms “go away in a few days by themselves or with a bit of help from quality rest and some TLC”. The symptoms of menopause last far longer than a few days. I am five years on from mine starting, and they do not appear to be going away any time soon. And never argue with a menopausal woman!! πŸ˜‰

  • True they do. I was really thinking of the intermittent and transient things. Something you can alleviate the symptoms of temporarily with some considerate actions. Nothing more.
    I’m pretty sure that the symptoms on the packaging aren’t present in whatever combination all of the time.
    I am prepared to be wrong as my experience in this particular area is as near to zero as makes no difference.

  • Clio

    I’ll join skepticat – tiredness is too vague (linked to the opening of a 2nd bottle of wine for example) but hot flushes can be counted. Can’t really blind the trial, and a bit worried about how you use the thing? (Eew?)

  • Clio

    On second thoughts…20 Quid??!! In my next life I plan to lose my conscience and sell woo; I’d make a killing!

  • William

    Hmmm. Methinks the ladies doth protest too much. Are you quite SURE it isn’t meant to have batteries? Might be more effective if it did πŸ˜‰

  • William

    Hmmm again. Thinking of the magnetic stirrers we used to use in the lab. I’m sure there is tha basis of something genuinely marketable here…..