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For May 25th we have Becky Alexis-Martin on the American Survivalist Movement and the amazing woo therein. #WinSitP

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See you on the 10th of May at The Bishop on the Bridge in Winchester for some good food and great conversation. #WinSotRT

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QED Con – Day 1.5

I left off yesterday before the evening’s great entertainment that was provided by Matt Parker of Stand-up Maths and the micro-supernova of energy that is Helen Keen as Robin Ince couldn’t make it due to family issues. Hope that’s all sorted Robin.

But before we got to the dinner or to the main shows in the evening there were some great things happening around the hotel. Not least of which was a guerrilla recording of the Pod Delusion Live with the contributers who had their time cut short because everyone was being so awesome. So here they are. First to speak was Deb Hyde perhaps more widely known as Jourdemayne and then we had Stells Dessoy giving an impassioned talk.

After this excellent fun hearing two more great speakers and making loads of off colour jokes at James O’Malley’s expense it was time to ajourn for the gala dinner followed by the evening entertainment.

Helen, well what can I say ? I’ve never seen anyone on stage with so much energy that wasn’t also on fire and screaming. Fire would have been fairly appropriate actually as she took us through the space race in stand-up where she split the audience into Russians and Americans so we could jeer at one another. Matt made us laugh with a comprehensive dismantling of the truly bonkers Conservapedia site and a very funny and impromptu Doctor Who title sequence attempt with some video feedback on one of the big video screens. And if I’m not mistaken I think I saw Mike Hall from the Merseyside Skeptics providing the Dr. Who theme tune by playing his iPhone into one of the mics by the mixing desk. Well done that man. And of course the master of ceremonies presented his usual musical treats and one of my favourites of his, the song Far.

By this time it was getting quite late and I could tell this because the battery on the laptop driving one of the video screens was just about to die.

There endeth the splendidness of QED Con day 1. A great start it was too, so bring on day 2 !

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  • James

    Hi Dave,

    The other lady that delivered a talk at Pod Delusion Extra was Stells Dessoy (will introduce you properly next time, she;s lovely).