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For May 25th we have Becky Alexis-Martin on the American Survivalist Movement and the amazing woo therein. #WinSitP

Next Social Event

See you on the 10th of May at The Bishop on the Bridge in Winchester for some good food and great conversation. #WinSotRT

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Help Jonny Scaramanga

If you saw PHD student Jonny Scaramanga (don’t let the name or the haircut put you off) at Hampshire Skeptics last night you’ll know all about his research into Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Schools in the UK. If you didn’t you can catch up here and here.

His efforts haven’t […]

**CANCELLED** Mormons visiting SkepTeaCafe This Saturday

**CANCELLED** Due to unforeseen circumstances this event is cancelled.

The Mormons visit will be rescheduled in the New Year. Representatives from the Winchester Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) are coming to SkepTeaCafe this Saturday 30th.

After our successful meeting last month with apologists from Winchester Family Church, this month is the turn of the […]

The Creationists are coming! Again!

John MacKay is coming to Winchester Guildhall on Wednesday 2nd Oct at 7:15.

John MacKay

John MacKay is the International Director of Creation Research a Young Earth Creationist propaganda mill based in Australia. Mackay has been around for 30 years and was previously associated with Ken Ham. His background is in Geology and rejects […]

BBC The Big Questions with Kevin Friery @Therapeutic1

Well this is something great, Kev was asked on to another episode of BBC’s The Big Questions. This time the questions were somewhat more controversial. Questions such as “Should Ian Brady be allowed to starve himself to death ?” Mr Brady is attempting to get himself declared sane so he can be transferred to a […]

BBC The Big Questions with Kevin Friery

This morning the BBC had their usual The Big Questions programme on the TV. What was unusual about this particular episode was that one of our members, Kevin Friery, was there to answer questions on matters such as “Should there be a duty to expose wrongdoing ?”, “Do all churches deserve charitable status ?” and […]

Religion And Mental Health

Hello everyone,

I’m sure many of you know Sara and Nigel Melly from Winchester Skeptics in the Pub? On the 20th of November, Sara is presenting a talk called Religion and Mental Health. If you & anyone else is free I hope you’ll consider trying to make it to see Sara (Dr Sara Melly) talk […]

Why I do not call myself a humanist

A bit of a personal exploration here – but at last I’ve figured out why I do not see myself as a humanist. I’ve considered myself a bit churlish on this, after all I don’t disagree with any of the tenets (interesting choice of word?) and I have a great deal of respect for the […]

The Design Argument, with Professor Stuart Burgess

I spent last night with a bunch of atheist/skeptic/humanists listening to a young earth creationist espouse the following argument:

I am a designer, I see things which have been designed – I know there could be no other way of building them. I see things in nature which even more complex, and would need designing. […]

Form versus substance (and inclusivity)

It has not been a good year for me so far and I have been to too many funerals. The expectations and acceptance of some people with regard to religious content have surprised me.

At a secular funeral for a secular person, there were those who were outraged that there was to be no religious […]

Go Directly To Jail…

And in some perhaps more cheery news Warren Jeffs was last Thursday sentenced in a Texas court to life imprisonment for sexually assaulting the two underage girls he took as “spiritual brides”. He was rewarded with the maximum possible sentence and will not be elligible for parole for another 35 years. The jury took half […]