Next SitP

For March 31st we have a slightly different format: An EU Debate. This one will be fun. Come along and see if they can change your mind. #WinSitP

Next Social Event

The next Round Table is on the 9th of March. See you at The Bishop on the Bridge in Winchester for some good food and great conversation. #WinSotRT

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Testing, testing, 123, testing

Test test test test test. Test test test test test test test. Test test test test test.

Fundraising – Naomi House children’s hospice

I am posting this here as many readers will live not too far from Winchester, and may have heard of this hospice which offers support and respite to children with life-limiting illnesses and to their families.

If anyone had wanted to make a small donation, you can do it through my daughter’s page as she […]


Well I’ve finally been released from my incarceration in Basingstoke hospital.

Actually that makes it sound like it was an appalling experience. In reality I could not have been better treated if I had specified things in advance. The level of care and the quality of that care was truly amazing.

The surgeons are of […]

Quick update

Hi guys and girls,

This’ll be short and to the point as I’m very tired just now.

We got off to a flying start in the New Year of 2010 with the launch of Winchester Skeptics in the Pub and the success of the 10:23 campaign. As we moved to the end of Feb I […]

Thirteen Hours.

Thirteen hours. I’ll say that again. THIRTEEN HOURS.

That’s how long it took me to get home yesterday from Hertfordshire. Normally it’s 90 minutes of cruise control. But this time it was 2 hours of medium going until it started to snow on the M4. I got onto the A33 no worries and then it […]