Next SitP

For the next Skeptics meeting on the 26th of June we will be taking a trip inside the rather strange minds of the AIDS deniers. #WinSitP

Next SotRT Social

The next Round Table is on the 9th of July. See you at The Black Boy for some good food and great conversation. #WinSotRT

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QED Con 2014 Photos

What a brilliant, brilliant weekend it was. The organisers of QED Con have once again pulled a normally evolved rabbit out of a completely non-magical and entirely rational hat. Things went from sex and drugs, through assault with batteries, and SCAM, and religious persecution, all the way to leaving hate behind. It was amazing, humbling, [...]

WinFam visiting SkepTeaCafe

This Saturday SkepTeaCafe welcomes it’s first guest.

SkepTeaCafe is the Saturday morning group that meets after Thursday Skeptics.  This week we’re excited to be visited by Jamie Franklin, the Student Worker at Winchester Family Church.  We reached out to the church after we attended one of their Sunday meetings and were fascinated by the experience. [...]

Winchester Science Festival is back ! 20-22 July @WinSciFest

Michael Mosley talk cancelled. Prof Jim Al-Khalili stepping into the breach for Winchester #SitP 02MAY13 @jimalkhalili Thanks Jim !

Firstly let me express my sincere thanks to Professor Jim Al-Khalili who has, at extremely short notice indeed, kindly agreed to speak at Winchester Skeptics in the Pub on the 2nd of May. Dr. Michael Mosley is unable to make his talk due to unforeseen circumstances. So I’m afraid we’ll have to wait until a [...]

Dr Michael Mosley : The Fast Diet – Winchester #SitP 02MAY13 @DrMichaelMosley

The Fast Diet

Change To Next Winchester Skeptics Meeting. #SitP

Our next fabulous speaker at Winchester Skeptics, Rhys Morgan, is unable to visit us due to unforeseen circumstances. They are unforeseen because he’s not a psychic, apparently ! Who knew ? So this month whilst we are going to miss out on Rhys’ talk we are going to be joined by hypnotist and magician Martin [...]

Thanks For A Great Night ! #SitP @simondwatt @magicmeech @amateursuman @moulds @helenarney @winchesterdc

Wow ! What a fantastic night. So much comedy, fun, fire, music and magic. I for one was aching from laughing so much. For all of you that missed out on this once in a lifetime experience I have some photos below. You can mouseover for the comments. On behalf of the whole of the [...]

Winchester Skeptics Christmas Bumper Fun Pack #SitP

We have (finally!) sorted the ticketing arrangements for our Christmas Bumper Fun Pack. So you can click this link : Winchester Skeptics Christmas Bumper Fun Pack or click on the image below to get to the WDC website where you’ll see a big green button on the right hand side at the top that says [...]

Winchester Skeptics Christmas Bumper Fun Pack!

Hello everybody!

Yes, it’s that time of year when we at Winchester Skeptics say thank you to you, our loyal and noble patrons, for your steadfast support throughout the year.


This year, Dave and Crispian have done a fantastic job and to top it all off, they have invited some of our best friends [...]


Had a nice email from the organisers of Questival and seeing as it sounds like great fun I thought I’d post their press release :

Questival is THE Festival for Young Freethinkers this Summer Young freethinkers are causing a stir this summer at Questival, the biggest camp for atheist youth in the UK. Started 3 [...]